Framed Vintage Record Album – Boston

– The actual vintage album cover mounted in a black plastic frame with a glass front ready to hang on your wall.

The photo shows the actual vintage album cover containing the original vinyl record album that you will receive. It has been mounted in a black plastic frame with a glass front and is ready for you to hang on your wall.


To See a Larger Photo of the Framed Record Album – CLICK HERE

Framed Record Album Cover – Boston

The self-titled debut album by the rock band Boston, released on Epic Records in 1976. The album reached the #3position on the Billboard chart, was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, and has sold nearly 20 million copies worldwide. The album, Boston, is easily recognized with its iconic “guitar-shaped flying saucer” album cover.
All songs on the album, except “Let Me Take You Home Tonight,” were written and composed by Tom Scholz, the founder, guitarist, and driving force of Boston.


1. “More Than a Feeling”

2. “Peace of Mind”

3. “Foreplay/Long Time”

4. “Rock and Roll Band”

5. “Smokin'”

6. “Hitch a Ride”

7. “Something About You”

8. “Let Me Take You Home Tonight”

The product measures 12 7/8 inches x 12 7/8 inches x 3/4 inch and weights approximately 3 lbs.

The item shown in the photograph is the actual album cover that you will receive. This is a vintage product and both the album cover and the record have signs of wear. This product is sold as a decorative collectible and not as a playable record album. As such there is no assurance that the vinyl record itself is in a condition that would allow you to enjoy the music if you played it.


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